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In 2023 GB Industries celebrated its 18 year anniversary since beginning operations as a privately owned electrical contracting company in 2005.


During this period GB Industries has successfully delivered in excess of 500 projects throughout the region of QLD whilst developing a reputation for expertise in construction and maintenance in a range of industries.

Our Vision.


The guiding values of GB Industries Electrical Contractors are trustworthiness, honesty, reliability and completion. We expect all of our employees and contractors to be trustworthy and dependable when dealing with other employees and our clients.


Our clients are our greatest assets and we promise to them that we will deliver the most honest and reliable services. Our reputation has been built on our reliability and we have maintained our reliable services throughout our companies growth. GB Industries endeavours to complete the job required in great time. 


GB Industries mission is to attract and retain the best people in the industry to work along side us to provide the most reliabe and renewable service to our customers within the industry.


GB Industries' vision is to continue to build the company by continually improving systems, structures and our management team to take advantage of all opportunities that exist in the electrical maintenence and construction markets.

Company Profile.


Managing Director, Gavin Waring continues overseeing company tasks with the assistance of the senior management team, on a day-to-day basis, playing a role in all GB Industries projects. Gavin oversees the management team to ensure a consistently high level of service and safety is provided to a range of existing and new clientele.


GB Industries is committed to its controlled business systems. Our general approach to business involves, adopting a co-operative, team environment, opening any and all avenues of communication to staff and clientele and program flexibility that maintains time management and ensure all parties concerned are kept happy.

GB Industries adheres to all Workplace Health and Safety regulations and are committed to providing our clients with quality service. Our team continually strives to be a leading electrical contracting business by ensuring a high standard of quality and delivery on all projects for our workforce. 

Our Employees

  • Job security

  • A healthy and safe work environment

  • Opportunities for training and skill development relevant to job demands

  • Job satisfaction


Our Clients

  • Time management to ensure all projects are completed accordingly

  • Job satisfaction

  • HSEC training and awareness (including complying with and monitoring any/all HSEC issues

  • Quality Control


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